A Writers Soul

I am I writer.

I am familiar with the power words hold,

and as a writer I let this power take over my being

Until I’m lost in a macrocosm of words and letters.

I am a writer.

I use words to express the unexplored corners of my mind.

Stringing together  letters with a golden needle I create far off lands

With strange creatures spawned from the greatest depths of my imagination;

They creep out from the shadows of my mind and claw at me from the darkness.

I am a writer.

I weave together reality and imagination.

Ink and pen connect me to the page

Which acts like a blank canvas that I paint to form the image of my greatest regrets and fears.

I am a writer.

I know the power of words.

They provide me solace during the darkest of nights when even the moon hides behind the pitch black clouds, and daylight seems to be a legend of the past.

The letters are like the bricks that form into a home for me;

A place of comfort and rest.

I let out a sigh.

Breath in and out until I am lured to sleep.


I wrote this poem as kind of a way to describe my relationship with writing. I know I turn away from writing some times, but it is always in the back of my head and it never leaves me. I turn to it whenever I am going through a rough period in my life weather  it be my own writing or someone else’s. This is why I have decided to take creative writing again, because even when I leave behind writing for a small period, creative writing gives me the drive and inspiration to return to it and improve my skills at the same time. Writing is a large part of who I am and don’t think I could ever fully abandon it. As a little girl I moved to Canada when I was five years old and going into school I hadn’t been that confident in my English both speaking and writing wise. I struggled to communicate with my class mates and got low grades in ELA. The amount of growth I have experience in terms of my English in the past few years always leaves me shocked. I came to embrace this obstacle in my life and instead of letting it take hold of my life I decided to face it head on. Reading has made a huge impact on how I viewed LA and through reading I came to appreciate the art of writing, and it was really the reason why decided to actually work on fixing my English. I give a lot of credit to all of my teachers in school because if it wasn’t for their ability to make LA class enjoyable and fun I don’t think I would have been that inclined to read books or work on fixing my writing. I am proud of myself for overcoming this obstacle in my life because when I first moved to Canada I felt as if I didn’t really have a voice because I was so afraid that I would pronounce something wrong or make a mistake but know I now that I no longer have to worry about that. Writing has provided my with a voice and not only that it has given me the strength to use that voice.


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